Sharp knife, Sharp life! 

Lee and Austin - At the backyard picnic table - Early 90's

Lee and Austin - At the backyard picnic table - Early 90's

The Sharp Brothers sharpen knives, scissors, garden equipment, swords, loppers, paper cutters, hatchets, brains and much, much more. We offer a variety of services around the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area. Find us Sharpening at:

• Local Farmers Markets
• Restaurants
• Block Parties
• House Calls
• Sharpening Parties

Finding us at your local farmers market is often the easiest way to drop in and have your knives sharpened. Wrap your knives in a towel or keep them in the block for easy transport to the market. Come find us first, drop them off, shop, and pick them up on your way home. The average wait is about 20-30 minutes.

If you have any questions or your knife life is so dull you can't stand it anymore, don't hesitate to contact us!

Austin sharpening at the Beans and Barley Farmers Market, 2004

Austin sharpening at the Beans and Barley Farmers Market, 2004



Stopped by the Jack London square location today and had my work knives sharpened. Fantastic job on the blades, even brought back a tip that was broken 3 years ago. Very pleased and will return!
— Alex R.
Holy mackerel, the only thing sharper than The Sharp Brothers now are my knives!

We all know how it is — knife sharpening is easily one of those tasks that falls to the bottom of the to do list. Knives slowly dull over time and so we forget just how sharp they used to be. I finally took the time to get three of my oft used knives over to the Jack London Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago. Razor sharp is about the right description. I cook a lot, but they’re so sharp now I’m throwing in extra veg just to have more to cut!

Take a moment to drop your knives off at any of their farmer’s market appearances — it’s worth the time and just a few bucks per knife — it’ll make your cooking life oh so much happier!
— Nathan W.
My husband and I had our knives sharpened today and as I walked away I had a knot in my stomach... Like I was dropping my kids off to a strangers place. Not to worry AT ALL. My husband is an executive chef in SF and I am a trained chef so we know what great work feels like in a knife. Could not be happier with the price and outcome. Five stars for sure.
— Stephanie W.
Prompt email response to my initial inquiry and did an excellent job sharpening, cleaning & oiling my yard shears/clippers at a reasonable price. Was at Jack London Square as advertised and got exactly what was promised.

Last time I had these tools sharpened at Ace Hardware, it didn’t even come close to the quality of work done here and was way overpriced for giving me back dull tools after over a week!

Will definitely recommend The Sharp Brothers to my neighbors & friends.
— J D.