Taking form in 2004, The Sharp Brothers started as a father and son duo. Lee has been sharpening for over 50 years. He began as a young boy growing up on a farm in southern Illinois and now sharpens the knives of top chefs, frivolous home cooks, and unusual yokels. He possesses a certain finesse and wisdom which can only be accumulated with decades of care and respect towards maintaining the functionality of our favorite edged tools. Austin, his son, with fine eyes and nimble hands has been sharpening since he was 14.


Over the years they have trained other sharpeners and placed them under their wings on an apprentice program. They work under taut and tame supervision to become master sharpeners. You can meet us at our Shorewood, WI shop, farmers markets, knife sharpening parties, block parties and more.

The Sharp Brothers use state-of-the-art equipment. Their fine gritted, two-inch belt sander lays a small burr and a high-speed leather wheel removes it making the perfect edge without taking much steel off. They have sharpened over 100,000 knives and counting in the Milwaukee and San Francisco / Oakland Bay area.

Austin, has relocated to the Bay Area to bring sharp knives to home cooks all over the Bay Area. You can book knife sharpening parties, house calls, or see him and his staff performing at local farmers markets.

Sharpening charges are assessed, per knife, depending on length, condition, and if serrated. The Sharp Brothers sharpen many other tools including garden equipment, scissors, wire cutters, sewing shears, lawnmowers and salon scissors. Tired of dull knives or tools? Contact the Sharp Brothers today.

Indeed, The Sharp Brothers act as “Knife Whisperers” as they are often asked to mediate the dissonance between knives and their owners.  The knives talk to the Sharp Brothers during sharpening. The sharpeners then translate the information to owners with the collective goal of improved care and appreciation for their knives.  See our  We the United Knives of Your Kitchen Drawer for more information.